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Hi there, I’m Elena a visual experience designer. You can read a bit about my person or check out my work here.

A Bit About Myself

All my life I have been drawn to art and artistic/stylistic expression. First pursuing traditional art and then shifting to digital art and design on a professional level.

Before shifting my career, I have worked as a humanitarian worker at different refugee shelters, which greatly influenced my style and design work. This job has taught me to be more receptive to the very dynamic needs of people and their digital experience, especially in the bureaucratic and governmental sector.

In order to polish my creative and technical skills, I successfully completed an intensive training program with CareerFoundry. This helped me understand common challenges in the life of a UI/UX designer and introduced me to important tools and techniques. Leveraging that knowledge, I have been designing ever since and could not imagine my life without it anymore.

After gaining experience in user interface and experience design, I widened my skillset and took on development projects using CMSs, as well as doing some logo design. Now I enjoy working on versatile projects that involve different ways of design thinking and problem-solving.

My key approach is to use the right balance between creativity and usability to create an original design that solves people’s problems. When I am not designing or planning the next layout for a website, you can find me traveling or covered in paints in front of a canvas. 

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